Our history

Our history crosses the Atlantic: it starts from the streets of Altamura, in Puglia and reaches the lively streets of Aberdeen, in New Jersey. Yet, it is in the heart of our production plant in Caivano (Naples) that lies the true essence of our creativity: a worldwide oasis for excellence in the production of espresso coffee. Driven by an overwhelming passion for coffee production and its vivid culture, thanks to the invaluable contribution of experts, we have managed to turn our ideas into reality: from research, to the production and launch of our products on the market. The passion for Italian coffee is what drives us every day, pushing us to ensure that each cup meets the highest expectations.

OUR Vision

Our company was born with a clear goal: lead the charge in the worldwide dissemination of espresso coffee and the propagation of its associated culture via our fervent passion and unwavering dedication. Our mission is to set new benchmarks for aficionados of Italian coffee. We aspire for our product to be acknowledged as a genuine emblem of Italian excellence, imparting the true essence of Italy in every cup, guiding you through an exploration of one of the most iconic and revered Italian commodities abroad: espresso.


Our efforts in blending have focused on creating products that can capture the flavors that best reflect the tastes of different Italian cities. These preferences range from an extremely rich and full-bodied cup of coffee to a lighter and delicate one.

To pursue this ambitious goal, we immersed ourselves in the study of different Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties from different regions of Latin America, North Africa, and Asia, meticulously analyzing the aromatic yield obtained by blending the beans in order to achieve the desired aromatic yield result.

This in-depth analysis led us to create four unique blends, each characterized by an exclusive combination and subjected to an artisanal roasting process that enhances the organoleptic properties of each variety.