The Napoli blend is a tribute to the rich tradition of Italian coffee and, in particular, to the city of Naples, widely recognized as the world's leading producer of espresso coffee.

Our expertly crafted blend combines select Arabica and Robusta coffees from Latin America, Central Africa and the Indo-Pacific region, which are then roasted in the traditional dark roasting process closely associated with Neapolitan coffee. The result is a blend with a bold and distinctive character, full-bodied and aromatic , with a unique aftertaste that evokes notes of dark chocolate and freshly baked biscuits.

This blend is perfect for those who prefer a strong, bold espresso, with the added benefit of a high caffeine concentration making it an excellent source of energy, ideal for starting the day or for any time when extra energy is needed.

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The Roma blend takes its name from the capital of Italy and represents the highest and most historical tradition of Italian espresso coffee. This exceptional blend is the result of a unique combination of the best Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America and Robusta beans from Asia and Africa.

To preserve and enhance all the organoleptic qualities of both types of varieties, the Roma blend is obtained through a mixed roasting process, with a medium-light roast for the Arabica and medium-dark for the Robusta. The result is a perfectly balanced and rounded flavour, with exceptional creaminess and a high aromatic profile which includes predominant notes of cocoa and hazelnut.

This blend is ideal for any type of palate, even the most demanding, and its moderate caffeine content makes it perfect for repeated consumption throughout the day, both after meals and during moments of relaxation.

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The Milano blend is Dongiò Caffè's masterpiece, an exceptional and refined Arabica blend that is inspired by one of the most iconic and loved Italian espresso coffee blends. This exquisite blend is created by combining the finest Arabica beans from prestigious plantations in Latin America, with a touch of Robusta from Central Africa to add body and depth to the cup.

The Milano blend is notable for its light roasting process, which allows the delicate, nuanced flavors of the Arabica beans to shine. In the cup, the Milano blend delights with its perfectly balanced and full-bodied flavour, boasting a highly aromatic profile that will surely enchant even the most demanding palates.

Thanks to the clear predominance of Arabica quality, this blend has a moderate caffeine content, making it ideal for any time of the day. The Milano blend is the perfect choice for those who prefer a delicate but incredibly aromatic espresso.

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The Venezia blend (decaf) was created by Dongiò Caffè for those who do not want to give up the pleasure and flavor of an espresso, but who must or prefer to avoid caffeine.

The decaffeinated Venezia blend by Dongiò Caffè is a blend of Robusta beans from Central Africa and Arabica beans from Latin America which has undergone a natural decaffeination process, reducing the caffeine content to less than 0.1%. Despite the removal of caffeine, this blend retains the true flavor and aroma of Italian espresso thanks to the traditional dark roasting process.

The result is a balanced, full-bodied cup with a golden creaminess and a distinctive aftertaste reminiscent of toast and wood.

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