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Dongio Coffee

Espresso Venezia (decaf) - Capsule compatibili Nescafè Dolce Gusto

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Espresso dal gusto pieno e bilanciato, con una texture morbida e setosa caratterizzato da gradevoli sfumature di cacao e spezie

  • Composizione: 70% Robusta – 30% Arabica
  • Tostatura: Scura
  • Metodo di preparazione consigliato: Ristretto (0,85 once / 25 ml) o Espresso (1,35 once / 40 ml)
  • Compatibilità: Tutte le macchine Nescafé Dolce Gusto
    Espresso Venezia (decaf) - Capsule compatibili Nescafè Dolce Gusto
    Espresso Venezia (decaf) - Capsule compatibili Nescafè Dolce Gusto

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    Feedback from the world 🌍

    "This is my son's favorite coffee. He loves the taste and the capsules work well in his Crux coffee maker at college. I use them in my Nespresso original line machine as

    Moya F.

    "The first thing I noticed was the great smell as Coffee was brewing and then the great looking nice and dark brew with a cream film. Coffee is nice and strong and made me a
    great cappuccino. Highly recommended."

    Joe M.

    "Gave these ☕️ PODS a shot & was not disappointed! GREAT FLAVOR & CREAM👍."

    Sergio C.

    "This brand of ESE ESPRESSO PODS fits my Francis Francis perfectly and the aroma and flavor are superb ☕️."


    "Delicious! this coffee is so smooth and creamy. A pleasant surprise. My new afternoon treat."

    Patricia E.